International youth work training

“Young people teach you about them if you’re willing to learn”.

Over the last three decades, we have worked with many countries and regions, including China, the Falkland Islands, Iceland, Zambia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, India, Ireland, South Africa, Austria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Holland, Germany, Malta, Spain and Romania.

Our expertise in youth work and partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat has resulted in the training being integrated into state policy in both Malaysia and Sri Lanka. We have also developed a tool-kit connected to Global Citizenship that is being rolled out in Kenya, Bangladesh, Uganda, the Caribbean and Cameroon.

Learning from our global partners has a direct impact on our own courses and students.  Students benefit by developing the skills to differentiate various world views of youth work and the links with social pedagogic practice. This unique approach ensures rich perspectives on local, national and global practices are shared and developed.

Our work has focused on generic practice, but also specialist responses such as detached and outreach methodologies, intergenerational approaches and support/quality assurance responses such as supervision. Recently we conducted a three year, 35 nation baseline survey of youth work across the Commonwealth

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