“Giving young people the power to recognise their voices and their place in the world”

Global Citizenship is youth engagement training and non-formal learning, capacity building and peer-based education. The aim of delivery is to facilitate learning led by students. However, the programme is premised on participants sharing and building on their knowledge, experience of and engagement with their context. They are encouraged not to be passive recipients of education, but to take up the challenge of becoming creative contributors to their own and others learning experiences.

In taking up the challenge the student develops and disseminates their local perspective, providing a vista on the world from their particular group, social and personal standpoint. This becomes part of the resources of the programme; an element that with other elements causes a blooming of understanding from the grass roots of humanity (bringing heterogeneous elements into a homogeneous whole).

We provide a ‘foundation template’ for participants not only to become autonomous learners, but to take the opportunity of playing a part in developing the programme.

It also adds to our collective research and grasp of international concerns. We have evidenced how this programme inspires young people to take and use the power of transforming dialogue into dialectic.

Study Intensive:

Students participate in face-to-face training which covers six key areas of study:

  • What is Global Citizenship
  • Successful Communication
  • The Eight Dimensions of Globalisation
  • What Makes Us ‘Us
  • Key Global Issues
  • Bringing it all Together

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For more information contact: Dr. Brian Belton or Dr Jennifer Brooker

“A Global Citizen is an active lead in their community, they are aware and understand the world and their position within it. They work with others to make a difference, create equality and inspire for positive changes to benefit all.”