Student stories

 Susie’s Story…

Susie photo student storiesI began studying a BA (hons) at YMCA George Williams College in September 2012. When I first started with my studies, my self-esteem was low. I had always classed myself as being not particularly academic and never thought I had the ability to go back to studying, let alone be given the opportunity to take my education to another level.

Through my love of youth work and passion for learning, I enrolled on the course; Social Pedagogy (Youth work, Community learning and development). This was a four-year course and working full time, while having a young family was a strain at times, the college understood and supported me through every step of my journey.

Through the support from my tutor, supervisor, and fellow students I cannot even begin to describe how much my attitude and beliefs started to change. The college believed in me and I started to believe in myself. It took nearly the whole 4 years to recognise I had in myself, what I needed all along. I had the ability to achieve.

I graduated in January 2017 along with my fellow students, however, my journey with YMCA George Williams College has not ended here. I decided to go back and study for a Masters in Reflective Leadership and Management, which I am due to complete in July 2018.