Dr Brian Belton – Senior Lecturer, Professional Practice and Supervision Studies Organiser

Dr Brian Belton

020 7540 4904 | b.belton@ymca.ac.uk

Coming from an East London/English Gypsy background, Brian entered youth work partly as an escape from the hooligan/gang life of the late 1960s/early 1970s docklands. While working in youth work related situations around the world, including Israel, the Falkland Islands, the USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Zambia, South Africa, China and Canada, Brian’s interest in identity and ethnicity flourished and today he is an internationally recognised authority on Gypsy Ethnicity, having written widely on that subject, delivering papers most recently in the USA, Greece, Sweden and Slovenia as well as around the UK.  Brian has been developing a growing network of practitioners and academics concerned with the exploration of youth work and Islam. Brian gained a BSc at City University, an MA at the University of Essex and was awarded his doctorate by the University of Kent. Brian is visiting lecturer for the University of Malta.

Publications include: Bubbles, Hammers and Dreams (1997) Breedon; Questioning Gypsy Identity: Ethnic Narratives in Britain and America (2005) AltaMira Press; Gypsy and Traveller Ethnicity : The social generation of an Ethnicity (2005) Routledge; Black Routes : Legacy of African Diaspora (2007) Hansib; The Ryder Lions (2007) Pennant;  Developing Critical Youth Work Theory (2009) Sense; Radical Youth Work: Developing Critical Perspectives and Professional Judgement (2009) Russell House;  All Change!: Romani Studies Through Romani Eyes (2010) University of Hertfordshire Press (with Damian Le Bas, Thomas Acton); Differentiated Teaching and Learning in Youth Work (2010) Sense (with Simon Frost); Supervision – Praxis and Purpose: a critical reassessment of reflective practice in work with young people (2010) Russell House (with John Peaper and Tina Salter).