We work with individuals, teams and organizations to build capacity and develop stronger ways of working.

Bespoke staff development

We offer:

  • individual and group supervision;
  • coaching;
  • short virtual programmes exploring specific issues and procedures;
  • half day or day events;
  • short tailored programmes for groups and teams.

Executive and management coaching

Our coaches bring many years of leadership management and training experience and each have been thoroughly screened and trained to bring you an exceptional return on investment. Find out more.

Short programmes and events

We offer a number of different short training programmes. We also work with organizations and agencies to put on events that address specific issues and themes.

Consultancy and capacity building

We work with teams and organizations to explore and deal with issues and conflict; and to develop focus, system and process.

Professional training

Building professionally accredited training programmes addressing the specialized needs of different sectors and organizations is one of our specialisms. All of our core level 3 (level 6 in Scotland) training programmes have been the result of collaborating with practitioners and agencies within the areas concerned. As a result we have a range of flexible, practice-focused, part-time programmes:

Youth work practice (37 credits)


Informal education (54 credits)

Helping, mentoring and community learning (54 credits)

Outdoor learning (54 credits)

Community sports development (54 credits)

Christian work with young people and communities (54 credits)

Social pedagogy and work with vulnerable young people (54 credits)

Social pedagogy in specialist education settings (54 credits)

Coming soon:

Social pedagogy in residential settings (54 credits)

Working in supported housing (54 credits)

We also offer training for youth work at levels 1 and 2.

The College also offers a range of flexible, part-time undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.


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