Update from YMCA Campaigns Team

‘Events this year have put racism in the UK and around the world under the spotlight. Only when we recognise the issues and barriers that exist can we start to overcome them.

YMCA has a proud history in  the Black community from being the birthplace of the racial equality movement in the UK in 1931 to housing the first of the Windrush generation. Today we still have an important role to play in making sure that every young person can belong, contribute and thrive.

This week we released our latest ground-breaking report into how young Black people experience institutional racism in the UK.

Young and Black tells a frank and honest story of what young Black people go through every day. YMCA found:

  • 95% of young Black people heard racist language at school
  • 47% of young Black people felt the need to change their name on job application forms
  • 64% of young Black people worry about being treated unfairly by the Police.
Read Young and Black

We heard how young black people are held back and let down by the systems that are supposed to support us all.

“As a young Black person, you learn to survive in a society that is not built to accommodate your existence.”

Over the next few months we’ll be looking at how we move forward and campaign for meaningful change on these issues.’ – Tim